About Kogie

I am a powerful Mastress (Master/Mistress) and Goddess.
I qualified as a Quantum Life Master Teacher and Empowerment Coach.
This year has been about shifting my beliefs and searching for my truth even more so than in the past years. It has been scary but exhilarating. I have had to let go of everything I believed in, in order to reach the space I am in today. And even as I write this, I am struggling to accept my new reality.
I have always believed in strong foundations. In this year I had to question everything that formed my foundation. I have realized and have had to accept that my reality is constantly changing due to my willingness (albeit sometimes kicking and screaming) to allow the changes to occur in my life.
I have worked on myself over the years believing that in shifting and releasing my outdated beliefs, I shift the consciousness of the planet. In this week, a huge shift occurred. I am still in a state of disbelief. I am struggling to believe that I played a role in this momentous energetic shift on this planet, even though I know that YES I did. A part of me still grieves for all that we have had to go through to get here.
We have shifted from the age of pain and suffering to the Age of Bliss and Mastery.

My story before today :
At what was pretty much the lowest point in my life, I re-connected with an old friend who challenged everything I believed in – from my belief in God, to my belief in life and most of all my belief in myself. His constant battering of my belief systems led me to start searching for the answers – not society’s answers or beliefs – but my own.
I found out about the Quantum Life Healing Workshop – Level 1 taught by Wendy and decided that maybe this would help me discover what I was looking for. The 4 years spent studying with Wendy, dissecting my beliefs, truly finding myself and most of all allowing myself to be true to me have been the best years of my life. There is no better feeling of empowerment than knowing who you are. Truly standing in your power is not about the people you surround yourself with, or how much money you have, or anything external of you. Truly standing in your power is about recognising your strengths, accepting your weaknesses, and loving yourself regardless.
I have journeyed a long way from who I thought I was to who I know I AM.
I AM a spiritual being experiencing spiritual evolution through an earthly experience.